Circular Fashion Systemic Change Project

The Circular Fashion Systemic Change Project wa launched in partnership with Raw Assembly at RAW TO A T, the Industry B2B sourcing event 'Changing the Ingredients: Fashion's Future Recipe Exhibition'
in Melbourne, May 2022.

Circular Fashion Sector - Participant Invitation

ECOSavvy in partnership with Raw Assembly are supporting collaboration within Australia's fashion industry and the use of a systems change lens to change the status quo and speed the rate innovation in the circular fashion sector

Locally made, ethically sourced, transparent, designed to last, and tackling any or all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, however you view circular fashion, and from which ever part of Ausralia's circular fashion sector, we invite you to get involved. 

Through working together, we can get there faster. 

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    Circular Fashion Systemic Change Project 

    Sandy McCathie
    + 61 (0) 409 294 798

    3/240A Latrobe Tce

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    “Taking a complex adaptive systems approach is a game changer. It dramatically improves the chances of organisations who are acting to cause change, being successful in that.”